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Television/ My Favourite Television Programme (Paragraph / Composition / Essay )

Updated: Apr 9

Paragraph Writing


Television is the best means of entertainment in today’s world. It telecasts many kinds of enjoyable programmes to delight the audience. As the best media of recreation, television appeals to us very much. There are many interesting TV serials in BTV. When I am asked what my favourite TV programme is, I consider the programme that relays splendid dances, lectures, songs etc. An airy-voice and fairy-like picture come to me like far-off dreams. Of many programmes, my favourite programme is the ‘Adventure of Sindbad’. It is a very interesting TV serial. Throughout the week I wait for the day when the serial will telecast. Leaving all works, I sit in front of TV when the serial starts. I like the serial very much. Because there is a mingling of adventure, fairy tale, science, wit, humour etc. When I watch this serial, I forget everything of the world. It gives me entertainment as well as instruction. It also refreshes my mind. I hope that the BTV will telecast more programmes like ‘Sindbad’

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Composition / Essay Writing



  Television  is  one  of  the  wonders  of  modern  science .  It  is  the  most  up – to – date  means  of  communication .  As  a  medium  of  mass  communication  it  has  proved  its  superiority  over  newspapers ,  radio  sets  and  other  means .  In  a  television  the  voice  is  transmitted  along  with  the  image  of  the  speaker  and  thus  it  entertains  both  ears  and  eyes  simultaneously .

  Now – a – days  various  scientific  inventions  have  annihilated  the  distance  between  countries  and  the  world  has  been  brought  into  the  compass  of  our  small  room .  Through  wireless  telegraphy  and  radio  we  can  have  massages  from  every  nook  and  corner  of  the  world .  And  television  is  the  most  recent  and  latest  development  of  these  means  of  communications .

The  German  scientist ,  Paul  Nipkow ,  first  thought  of  sending  image  to  a  distant  place .  Later  experiments  by  the  scientists  gave  shape  to  his  idea  and  the  television  was  invented .

Two  principles  work  behind  the  television – transmission  of  sound  and  transmission  of  picture  or  image .  The  problem  of  sending  and  receiving  sound  had  been  solved  earlier  as  in  the  case  of  radio .  For  sending  pictures  the  science  of  photography  has  helped  much .  It  was  found  that ,  like  sound ,  light  also  could  be  transformed  into  electric  current .  A  picture  is  scanned  to  break  it  up  into  small  elements  of  light  and  shade  which  are  transformed  into  electric  current  by  the  Cathode  Ray  Tube .  These  ‘light  weaves’  thus  formed  are  received  by  the  receiving  sets  of  television  where  through  mechanical  processes  they  are  recharged  and  transformed  into  the  image  of  the  original  picture .

Now – a – days  television  has  become  very  much  popular .  We  find  television  antenna  atop  every  house  in  a  town  or  city .  It  has  become  almost  the  symbol  of  wealth  and  culture .  In  the  rural  areas ,  where  there  is  electricity ,  one  will  find  a  television  set  in  the  house  of  some  rich  men .  People  of  the  area  gather  there  and  enjoy  cinema ,  drama  and  such  other  popular  programmers .

Television  is  a  powerful  mass – media .  It  can  educate  the  people  on  the  current  topics  of  the  world .  Model  teaching  is  also  dune  through  television .  Bangladesh  Institute  of  Distance  education  (BIDE)  for  example ,  is  doing  wonderful  work  through  television .  Through  television  political  leaders  can  make  the  people  aware  of  their  programmers  and  thus  can  form  popular  opining .  In  Western  countries  television  is  being  used  for  the  well – being  of  the  people  with  greater  and  greater  success .

  Television  produces  the  effect  of  audio – visual  method  of  instruction .  In  entertains  as  well  as  instructs .  We  hear  news ,  songs  and  lectures  and  the  images  of  the  persons  leave  great  impressions  on  our  mind .  Hence  the  supremacy  of  television  cannot  be  ignored .  It  is  a  boon  of  science  for  mankind .




Television, one of the marvels of modern science, is the most advanced form of communication. Its superiority over newspapers, radio sets, and other means of mass communication has been well established. Television transmits both the voice and image of the speaker, captivating both the ears and eyes simultaneously.


In this day and age, various scientific inventions have made the world a smaller place, bringing countries closer together. Through wireless telegraphy and radio, we can receive messages from every corner of the globe. Television is the latest development in this array of means of communication.


The idea of sending images to a distant place was first conceptualized by the German scientist, Paul Nipkow. Subsequent experiments by scientists gave shape to his idea, resulting in the invention of television.


Two principles work behind the transmission of sound and picture in television. While the problem of sending and receiving sound had been resolved earlier, as seen in the case of radio, the science of photography aided in the transmission of images. It was discovered that light, like sound, could also be transformed into electric current. A picture is scanned, broken up into small elements of light and shade, which are then transformed into electric current by the Cathode Ray Tube. The light weaves thus formed are received by the television's receiving sets, where they are recharged and transformed into the original picture's image through mechanical processes.


Television has become increasingly popular these days, with television antennas found atop nearly every house in towns and cities. It has become a symbol of wealth and culture. Even in rural areas, where there is electricity, a television set can be found in the house of wealthy individuals. People gather there and enjoy cinema, drama, and other popular programs.


Television is a powerful mass medium. It can educate people on current topics around the world. Model teaching is done through television, as seen in the excellent work being carried out by Bangladesh Institute of Distance Education (BIDE). Through television, political leaders can make the people aware of their programs and form popular opinions. In Western countries, television is being used for the well-being of people with increasing success.


Television has the effect of the audio-visual method of instruction. It entertains as well as instructs, and the images of the persons leave a lasting impression on our minds. Thus, the supremacy of television cannot be ignored. It is a boon of science for mankind.


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