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My Daily Routine (Paragraph / Composition / Essay)

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My Daily Routine

Without maintaining a daily routine our life can not be successful and fruitful . A daily routine is a must to everyone to make a decent life. So, everyone should maintain a daily routine. A daily routine/ life denotes ("M) the dally activities of our life. I am a student of class xi. I maintain/ follow a daily routine properly. I get up from bed before sunrise. I wash my face and hands and say my morning prayers at mosque in time. Then I walk in the open field for half an hour. Then I have my breakfast go to my reading room and learn my lessons for two hours. Next, I take bath and my meal. I start for college at 9 ann. Our Language Day has been recognized as the International Mother Language Day on the 30th General Assembly of the USNESCO on November 17 in 1999. Different organizations and institutions chalk out different programmes on the day to pay proper homage to our language martyrs. On the day thousands of people of all ages and classes assemble at the Central Shaheed Minar on bare footed to show respect and love to the language martyrs. February 21 reminds that these who died for mother tongue are always alive in the hearts of the country men.

Model Answer-2


My day starts just before the cock crows. I leave my bed early in the morning and take preparation for my morning prayer. After saying my prayer, I walk in the field adjacent to our house for half an hour. As I return from my walk, I feel like a second spell of sleep. But I have to get up soon because mother never allows me to remain in bed after sunrise. I start my studies at 6-30 and prepare my lessons till 9-30. I go to bathe then. I finish my bath and breakfast quickly. I start for school. Our school sits at 10-30 a. m. and breaks up at 3-30 p.m. I always listen attentively to what my teachers say and teach in the class. I go home straight after school. Then I spend the afternoon with friends in the playground or in the house of one of our friends, then home again as darkness starts falling. I wash my hands, feel and mouth. Mother brings me some light refreshment. Then I sit at my desk and do my study for at least three hours. When it is time for eating, all the members of our family meet in the dining room. We eat together and exchange our day’s experience with one another. Then we pass some of our time in watching television. This is the time when we have some fun and feel absolutely relaxed. I generally go to bed before it is 11 o’clock. This is, in short, the description of a usual day in my life. But I don’t follow this routine all the days of the week. There are departures from it on holidays. On holidays, I am very busy with my personal sundry tasks. But I perform my daily activities smoothly and enjoy equally everyday of the week.

Model Answer-3

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