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Grapes are Sour: Once a hungry fox was / The Fox and the Grapes   (Story Writing)

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Grapes are Sour


In the vicinity of a village, there existed a dense forest which was home to a plethora of animals. Amongst them, there was a fox that possessed a remarkable level of cunningness. This sly creature had an innate ability to make the most out of any given situation. The farmers residing in the village were quite perturbed by the existence of this fox as it could potentially pilfer their precious hens and cocks at any moment.


On a scorching summer day, while traversing through the forest, the fox found itself in a dire need of water. Despite a thorough search, the fox was unable to locate any water source. However, to its amazement, it spotted a cluster of luscious and succulent grapes hanging down from a branch that was at a considerable height from the ground.


The fox leapt repeatedly, but its attempts to reach the grapes were in vain. With every futile attempt, the fox became hungrier and thirstier, leading to a feeling of weakness. The unfulfilled desire to relish the tantalizing grapes left the fox unhappy and dejected.


In a last-ditch attempt to come to terms with the fact that the grapes were beyond its reach, the fox resorted to consoling itself by reasoning that the grapes were sour and injurious to its health. The fox arrived at the conclusion that contentment with what is attainable is a virtue and that one should not fret over what cannot be achieved easily.

Moral :

Model Answer-2

The Fox and the Grapes


                 There was a dense forest beside a village. There lived different types of animal including  foxes. Among all the animals, one fox was very cunning. It was so clever that it could make the best use of any situation. The farmers of that village were concerned about this fox, because it might steal their hens and cocks at any time without missing any chance.

                 It was a hot summer day. That fox was passing through a bush. Beside it, a sparrow was flying. The fox was thirsty and looking for water. But it could not find any source of water. Suddenly it saw a bunch of ripe, juicy grapes hanging down from a branch at a little height from the ground. The fox jumped a little and got the grapes without much trouble. The fox had never tasted grapes before. So he relished the delicious grapes and it felt cool against his thirsty tongue. The fox was very contented and said to himself, “It’s surely a lucky day. I have tasted such wonderful fruits as I never did before.”

                The sparrow now sitting in a nearby tree heard what the fox had said. It said to the fox, “There is a place in this forest where you can find bunches of grapes lying on the ground. If you want I can lead you there and you can eat as much as you like.” The fox felt excited and requested the sparrow to show him that place. In fact, the sparrow wanted to fool him and muttered, “What a fool you would be when you won’t reach the height of the grapes even if you jump again and again!” The cunning fox followed the sparrow and reached the expected place.

               Seeing the grapes, which were bigger and juicier, the fox became greedy to have them. But all its expectation went in vain. The grapes were hanging quite high up in the tree the fox jumped over and over again but failed to reach there. Then it began to repent and whispered, “what a mistake I’ve done by trusting in the naughty sparrow. Now I cannot go back to the previous grape tree as I have forgotten the way.” The cunning fox then tried to console himself saying, “The grapes are sour and harmful for health.” So, we ought to keep in mind that everyone should be contented with what he has or what he can get easily.

The Fox and the Grapes


     Once a fox was very hungry and thirsty. It was a very hot day. But he did not have any food at his hand.  He was roaming in search of food. It became quite a hard day for him. He became disappointed and sat down at the shade of a tree.

    But suddenly he saw a vineyard at a corner of the jungle. It was full of ripe grapes. These were hanging from the vine. Seeing the grapes the fox became very glad and said to himself, “How lucky I am! There are so many sweet grapes. I must have some of them to satisfy my hunger.” Saying this he jumped up. But unfortunately the grapes were hanging too high for him to reach. So he could not reach them. He tried again to catch the grapes.  But all of his efforts ended in smoke. When the ray of hope of having the gapes became dimmed, he decided to quit the enterprise and look for food at another place. That is, he was much upset at his failure to get the grapes. At last he consoled himself saying, “Grapes are sour, I don’t like them.” So saying, he left the place.

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