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Eve–Teasing (Paragraph / Composition / Essay )

Updated: Feb 23

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Bangladesh, a developing country, though holding quite a small area is flooded with uncountable problems. Among these, eve-teasing, recently has become the burning issue for the country because of its adverse effects on women, especially to the teenage girls. Eve teasing has remained a concern since many years. The practice of eve-teasing is a form of sexual assault that ranges in brutality from catcalls, sexually evocative remarks, brushing in public places and very recently teasing by mobile phone and mobile tracking. These teasers wait in front of girls’ schools and colleges and as soon as they cite the girls walk past them they start passing bad comments, dirty jokes, sly whistles, uncivilised laughter, and sometimes reaching the extreme of rude publicity. Due to the rise of eve-teasing in our country, parents and guardians are passing days in great anxiety for the safety of their children. The normal life of girls is being hampered due to its rapid increase. Strict enforcement of laws and motivational campaign can go a long way in reducing the incidence of the social menace. The government of Bangladesh has pursued a number of legal measures, both direct and indirect, to minimise the violence against women and uphold their rights. If we want to get rid of this practice we need to change our attitudes and engrave a self generated respect for women coming from our hearts.


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Eve teasing is a serious problem that affects many young girls in our society. It is a type of harassment where girls are teased or abused against their will. This behavior is mostly done by young teenage boys and sometimes by older men in various places like schools, parks, and other public areas. Eve teasing can cause a lot of distress for the victims and their families. Unfortunately, eve teasing often goes unpunished due to legal loopholes and other reasons. This makes it difficult for victims to get justice. Factors like parents not being aware of their children's activities, misuse of mobile phones, and lack of religious teachings can contribute to eve teasing incidents. The impact of eve teasing on society is significant. It restricts the freedom of girls and makes them feel unsafe when they are outside their homes. In some extreme cases, victims of eve teasing may even consider taking their own lives. To address eve teasing, it's important for parents to be more aware of their children's movements and activities. They should also ensure that their children use mobile phones responsibly and avoid watching inappropriate content. Additionally, law enforcement agencies need to take proactive steps to prevent eve teasing and protect girls from harassment. By taking these measures and promoting a culture of respect and safety, we can work towards eliminating eve teasing and creating a safer environment for everyone, especially

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