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Causes of Failure in English and their Remedies / Causes of Students’ Failure in English (Paragraph / Composition / Essay )

Updated: Jun 13

Paragraph Writing

Causes of Failure in English and their Remedies

Failure in English education is a significant issue in Bangladesh, with various causes contributing to this problem. Insufficient resources, like textbooks and teaching materials, in many schools hinder effective English language instruction. To tackle this, schools must be equipped with the necessary resources to enhance English teaching. Furthermore, numerous English teachers lack essential training, which affects their ability to teach effectively. Providing them with training in teaching methods and curriculum development would greatly improve their teaching skills. English is often perceived as a foreign language in Bangladesh, not widely used in daily life. To address this, creating opportunities for students to use English outside the classroom, such as through conversation clubs or exchange programs, can enhance their language proficiency. Integrating English instruction into other subjects like science and math and highlighting the practical benefits of English proficiency, such as access to higher education and job opportunities, can boost students' motivation to learn the language. Students from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds may face additional challenges in improving their English proficiency due to limited access to resources and opportunities. Government funding for education is inadequate, posing a major barrier to the development of the education system. Adequate government funding is essential to ensure that teachers, resources, equipment, and facilities are readily available for students. Addressing the failure in English education in Bangladesh requires a comprehensive approach. This involves providing schools with necessary resources, training teachers effectively, creating opportunities for practical language use, integrating English instruction into various subjects, emphasizing the benefits of English proficiency, and ensuring sufficient government funding for education. Only through such a multifaceted approach can the various causes of failure in English education be effectively addressed in Bangladesh.

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Causes of Students’ Failure in English

The failure of students in learning English in our country can be attributed to several key factors. Despite the undeniable importance of English in today's globalized world, many students struggle with proficiency in this language.

One primary reason for this is the perception that English is a foreign language, leading to a lack of enthusiasm among students to learn it. Many students also feel apprehensive about facing English exams, which often results in anxiety and a tendency to memorize rather than understand the subject matter.

Furthermore, the quality of English education suffers from inadequate teaching resources and insufficiently trained educators. This lack of effective teaching methods and support contributes to students' difficulties in grasping English concepts and skills.

Another significant issue lies in the mismatch between textbooks and the learning standards of students. Often, the textbooks do not align well with students' capabilities and learning needs. Additionally, the structure of exam questions often encourages students to adopt shortcut methods rather than focusing on comprehensive learning.

To address these challenges, immediate steps are necessary to prevent students from failing in English. Developing a genuine interest in learning English is crucial, and this can be fostered through skilled and motivated teachers who employ engaging teaching techniques. It's essential to shift away from rote memorization towards a deeper understanding of grammar, vocabulary building, and practical communication skills through speaking, listening, reading, and writing activities.

Teachers should receive proper training to inspire students and alleviate their fear of learning English. Encouraging students to regularly engage with English through listening to and watching programs on radio and television can significantly enhance their language proficiency and confidence.

Moreover, revising and aligning textbooks to better suit students' educational levels and needs is imperative. Ultimately, fostering students' self-motivation to learn English and ensuring teachers are dedicated and adept at teaching the language will be pivotal in overcoming the issue of English learning failures. By addressing these factors comprehensively, we can effectively enhance English education outcomes for students in our country.

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