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A Wedding Ceremony I Enjoyed/ Attended (Paragraph / Composition / Essay )

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A Wedding Ceremony I Enjoyed/ Attended

The wedding ceremony is very common and joyful in every society of the world. Last Friday I enjoyed/ attended a gorgeous wedding ceremony of the daughter of Mr Rafiq who is one of our respectable neighbours. The joyful ceremony was held at his house. A big pendal with colourful shamiana was made. A big nice gate was built at the entrance of the pendal. The pendal and the gate were decorated with coloured papers and electric bulbs. The bridegroom and the bride were dressed in Wedding dresses nicely. They looked cheerful, smiling and smart. About 500 guests from both the sides attended the happy/joyful ceremony. I shook hands with them. A Moulavi shaheb and a Kazi Shaheb performed/ completed the matrimonial works according to the law of Islam. Then all the guests enjoyed a rich and delicious feast. Next, betak-leaf was 'served to the guests. The guests left the place one by one. At last the ne*7 couple got into a coloured Palki. In fact, the farewell scene was very heart¬touching. This scene will remain ever fresh in my mind. A

Wedding Ceremony I Enjoyed/ Attended

Wedding ceremonies are universal celebrations filled with joy that are observed in every society across the world. Last Friday, I had the pleasure of attending a splendid wedding ceremony hosted by Mr. Rafiq, one of our esteemed neighbors, to celebrate his daughter's marriage. The festive event took place at their residence, where a grand marquee adorned with colorful canopies was erected. An impressive gate welcomed guests at the entrance, embellished with vibrant paper decorations and twinkling electric bulbs.Both the bride and groom were elegantly attired in traditional wedding attire, radiating happiness and charm. Approximately 500 guests from both sides of the family were present to partake in the merriment. I had the opportunity to greet and shake hands with many of them. The matrimonial proceedings were conducted by a Moulavi Shaheb and a Kazi Shaheb in accordance with Islamic law, solidifying the union.Following the ceremony, all the guests were treated to a sumptuous and delectable feast. Traditional betel leaves were also offered to the guests as a gesture of hospitality. Gradually, the guests began to depart, leaving behind fond memories of the celebratory occasion. The highlight of the evening was when the newlywed couple climbed into a beautifully adorned Palki, creating a touching farewell scene that will forever remain etched in my memory

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