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A Village Doctor (Paragraph / Composition / Essay )

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Paragraph Writing

A Village Doctor

A village doctor is a very useful and important person in a village. A village life can not be thought of without the noble service of a village doctor. He is a very common figure in our rural areas. A village doctor is he who -pffers/ gives medical treatment to the village people. He is commonly known as _a quack. He is a very popular person to the villagers. Generally, a village doctor lives in rural area. He leads a very ordinary life. He has no pride He does not have any good medical degree in medical science. He has a little qualification in his medical profession but he has got a good experience on medical science by working under a qualified doctor. He is very hard working, kind, responsible, co-operative, careful and sympathetic .He gets up at dawn and opens his dispensary at morning. He has a small dispensary with a few medicines and furniture. He visits his patients with great care. He never demands any fees. He renders free treatment to the poor patients. Sometimes, he goes house to house to see his patients. Only the common and cheap medicines are available in his poor dispensary. An ideal village doctor holds a very good position. Everybody respects and loves him from heart. He is a great friend to the villagers. He does a great good service to the rural people.

A Village Doctor

A village doctor plays a vital and indispensable role in rural communities. Their services are invaluable, and village life greatly relies on their noble contributions. Often referred to as "quacks," these dedicated individuals provide essential medical care to the people living in the countryside. Village doctors are a familiar and respected presence in our rural areas, serving as the primary healthcare providers. Typically, a village doctor resides in the rural regions, leading a modest and unassuming life. While they may lack formal medical degrees, they compensate with practical experience gained from working under qualified doctors. Village doctors are characterized by their tireless work ethic, kindness, responsibility, cooperativeness, attentiveness, and compassion. They begin their day at dawn, opening their modest dispensaries in the morning. These dispensaries are equipped with a limited supply of medicines and basic furniture. Village doctors visit their patients with meticulous care and never demand fees for their services. They generously offer free treatment to those in need, particularly the underprivileged and impoverished patients. Sometimes, they go from house to house to provide medical attention. Their dispensaries typically stock common and affordable medicines. An ideal village doctor holds a position of great respect and affection within the community. They are deeply admired and loved by the villagers for their unwavering commitment to healthcare. These village doctors are not just medical practitioners but also genuine friends to the people they serve. Their selfless dedication and service are invaluable to rural populations, making them indispensable contributors to the well-being of rural communities.

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Composition / Essay Writing



A village doctor is a very important and familiar in the village. Though there are a few qualified doctors in our villages now, a village doctor generally means a quack. He gives medical aid to the villages. He is loved and respected by all in the village.


It is not that a village doctor is highly qualified one. He is, a half-educated man with a little knowledge of medicine and sometimes of surgery. Perhaps he picks up that knowledge when he works in a pharmacy or as a helper of a qualified doctor. He may also have learned everything he knows by reading some handbooks, practitioner’s guides or something like that. His knowledge is, therefore, very much inadequate.


A village doctor sets up his dispensary either in his home or at some village market. His dispensary is an ordinary one. It is a small establishment with probably a worn-out chair and table and few almirahs stocked with cheap medicines of everyday use. His stock of medicine is not sufficient.


A village doctor leads a very busy life. He rises early and prepares for the day’s work. Early in the morning he attends to patients in his dispensary. He prescribes them and supplies them with medicine. Then he goes out on a visit on private calls to attend patients who cannot come to him. It is past midday when he returns. He then takes his meal and rest. He gets really again and attends to patients and goes about visiting them. He is sometimes called at night.


A village doctor renders good services to the villagers. He looks after the health to his villages and neighbouring village. He sits by his patient and advises him as an intimate friend. He does not hesitate to go to the houses of a patient at midnight, if necessary. In some special cases, he helps the poor patients with free medial service as well as free medicine. During the time of epidemic, his service in the village is very great. His knowledge may be poor but he has a high sense of responsibility. He exercises a great influence over the villages. They have great trust in him. They seek his advice in all matters, private or public. They often elect him to the Union Council or to the Managing Committee of the local school. They refer matters of dispute to him and go by his decision. This is how he is as important a person in the village as anyone.


A village doctor is indispensable. Bangladesh is a poor –developing country. Even now there are thousands of villages where there is not a single qualified doctor, and many of them have not such a doctor within easy reach; so millions of people have to depend on the village doctor. Moreover, he is a very useful member of the village society. In case of serious accidents he is of great help of the villagers. He saves the lives of many victims of drowning. He bandages fractures, administers disinfectants to serious cuts and wounds. By the timely administration of medicines, he often prevents death from epidemics. Even in serious cases being immediately available, he checks the course of the diseases. So, with all his defective knowledge, he is a necessity.


A village doctor renders a unique service to the society. Therefore, his position in the village is very remarkable. He is not, however, a rich man. He leads a modest life. Any sort of conveyance is enough for him. He earns just enough of himself and his family. That is all. This does not make him rich. Even then he is popular among the villagers for his generosity.


A village doctor is not only a physician but also a leader, a friend and an advisor to the village people. He saves the poor and helpless patient from sure death. He is, so to say, a pillar of the village. So he is held in high esteem by the villagers.




                                                       A VILLAGE DOCTOR


A village doctor holds a significant and familiar role in the rural community. Despite the emergence of qualified physicians in some villages, the term "village doctor" commonly refers to an unqualified practitioner. Although he may lack formal education, the village doctor provides medical assistance to his community and is revered with love and respect.


Typically, the village doctor acquires his limited medical knowledge through informal means, such as working as an assistant in a pharmacy or through self-study using handbooks or practitioner's guides. Consequently, his knowledge may be insufficient. Regardless, he sets up a dispensary either at his residence or a village market, where he stocks basic medicines and provides medical services to patients.


The life of a village doctor is demanding, as he works tirelessly to attend to patients from early morning until late at night, sometimes being called upon even in the dead of night. He also makes house calls to patients who are unable to visit his dispensary due to illness or injury.


The village doctor is an invaluable asset to his community, providing medical care to his village and neighboring areas. He is an approachable and trusted figure, offering advice and support to his patients as a friend. During epidemics, the village doctor's service to the community is invaluable, even though his knowledge may be rudimentary. Nevertheless, he is a responsible individual who exercises a considerable influence over the villagers, who look to him for guidance on private and public matters. They frequently elect him to positions of leadership in their community, such as the Union Council or the Managing Committee of the local school.


In Bangladesh, a developing country with many impoverished villages, there are still numerous communities that lack access to qualified doctors, making the village doctor an indispensable member of the community. During serious accidents, he is an important source of help, administering emergency medical care, and saving lives. The village doctor also provides timely treatment during epidemics, preventing fatalities and controlling the spread of diseases. Despite his lack of formal education, his immediate availability, and willingness to provide care in the face of adversity, make him an invaluable asset.


In addition to being a physician, the village doctor is a leader, friend, and advisor to the villagers. He saves the lives of poor and helpless patients, who would otherwise face certain death. Although he leads a modest life and earns only enough for his family, he is admired for his generosity, and his reputation as a pillar of the community endears him to the villagers.


In conclusion, the village doctor holds an exceptional position in the rural society, serving as a primary source of medical care and support. Despite his limited knowledge, he renders indispensable services to his community, earning their love and respect as a trusted figure.   

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