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A STREET BEGGAR (Paragraph / Composition / Essay )

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A street beggar is found sitting or standing by the roadside and begging for alms. He is seen almost everywhere in towns and cities. He wears torn and patched up clothes. Sometimes he is alone and sometimes he is in company. A mother with a child or two is also sometimes seen begging. A beggar may be a man or a woman or a child. He or she may be an old, crippled or disabled person or he she may be an able-bodied person. Whenever he/she sees a passer-by, he/she stretches out his /her hand for help. A few passers-by stop, give him/her loud shouts and avoid him. A beggar sometimes follows a passer-by at some distance begging for help. Beggars are after all, poor, miserable fellows. Many of them suffer from contagious diseases. They are generally people of bad morals. They help spread diseases in towns and cities immorally. Begging encourages idleness and immorality. The children of beggars also turn beggars. They grow up as professional beggars. So, measures should be taken in prohibition of this bad habit.


A street beggar is a common sight in towns and cities, often found sitting or standing by the roadside, pleading for alms. They wear tattered and patched-up clothing, and their presence is ubiquitous. Beggars come in various forms, from individuals to mothers with children. They can be men, women, or children, and their physical conditions vary from old age, disabilities, to able-bodied individuals. When they spot a passerby, they extend their hand in hope of receiving assistance. Some passersby ignore them, give them stern looks, or avoid them altogether. Occasionally, beggars persistently follow people at a distance, continuing their pleas for help. Beggars are individuals in unfortunate circumstances, often afflicted by poverty and misery. Many of them suffer from contagious diseases, posing health risks to themselves and others. Generally, they have a reputation for engaging in questionable moral behavior, and their presence can contribute to the spread of diseases within urban areas. Begging also fosters idleness and immorality, and sadly, the children of beggars often inherit this way of life, becoming professional beggars themselves. As a result, it is essential to implement measures to discourage and address this detrimental habit. Efforts should be taken to deter begging and support those in need through more sustainable means, such as providing access to education, vocational training, and social services. This approach can help break the cycle of begging and offer individuals a chance for a better life.

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