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A Birthday Party I Enjoyed (Paragraph / Composition / Essay )

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A birthday is observed or celebrated to make one’s birthday memorable or to get amusement, or to give pleasure to others. A birthday party is a matter of joy and merriment. One normally becomes very joyous to celebrate one’s birthday. There are many charms in a birthday party because both the guests and the hosts get much pleasure in a birthday party. I have recently enjoyed a birthday party of one of my younger cousins. It was his 13 /14 / 15th birthday. As I am very close to him I had gone to their residence earlier to help him. We together decorated their house nicely. My cousin put on his new dress which my uncle had bought for him. Then the birthday cake arrived, which was the main attraction of the party. It had been ordered earlier. At 7 p.m. the arrival of the invited guests started. My cousin lighted the candle, cut the cake chuckling merrily, followed by applause of friends, fans and well-wishers. Then the prepared delicious food was served to the guests. Thereafter, all joining it felt interested to do something pleasant. So, a short cultural programme was arranged after the meal. I also took part in the function by cutting a joke in the party. Everybody became happy to hear this. Then the guests gradually were leaving the function. All the guests left wishing my cousin many happy returns of the day. Finally it was my turn. In the mean time I extended my helping hand to do everything up nicely. Then I took farewell from my cousin. He did not like to leave me but I had to, as I had an important class next day. So I came back and all the night I cherished the sweet memories of the party.  




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